Public Classes

We have CHANGED how we offer our classes to the public.  PLEASE READ THIS PAGE prior to booking your class!


Blended classes combine online lecture and videos and a hands on skills practice and evaluation with an instructor.

  • The date and time you are picking is for the Hands On Skills Session portion of the class.
  • Class offerings have CHANGED.  Please READ about the class type prior to choosing your class.
    • This info is displayed to the right if on a computer or further down the page if on a mobile device.
  • We offer blended classes at least twice a month in the evenings.
Online portion:
  • Please start taking the online portion after you receive the link to it.
    • You will immediately receive a link from HSI for the class.
    • We will send a follow up email with a quick link.  This may take us 2-10 hours to send the link depending on when you sign up.  
  • Allow 2-6 hours to complete the online portions.  (18-32 modules depending on course)
    • Do NOT wait until the day of the skills session to begin the online portion.
  • You can log out and log in multiple times until you complete the course.
  • You MUST Complete the online portion at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled skills session time.

Skills Session  

  • The skills portion, taken at our Peoria Location on the date and time selected, will take approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete.
  • This is a group skills section with other students, please arrive 5 mins early to get signed in.
  • Certification cards are issued AFTER completion of the skills evaluation session.
    • Certs will NOT be issued without attending and passing the hands on skills session.

If you are having trouble with your online portion please click on the link below to review the support document and get the contact info for tech support.  (We cannot troubleshoot the online portion.  The online portion is provided through ASHI (the certifying agency) and we do not have any control or access to help with it.  There is an 800 number for tech support in the below link should you have issues with your online class.):

Register for Public Classes

Click the arrow to the left of the class name to see available dates and times and to register.

When registering for the class you will need to pick a login id and a password. (You will need to enter the password twice since you are setting up your account.) The ONLY line you will NOT fill in is the creditcode line.  Leave this BLANK!

Corporate Class

If you are a company, school, civic organization or club looking to set up a private class for your employees at your corporate location.  We offer all the classes listed to the left (on a computer or below if using a tablet or phone) and also Wilderness First Aid for corporate customers.  Please use the Contact Us tab to inquire about corporate pricing and instructor availability. 

No payment is due at time of booking for  a corporate class.  We do NOT go to private homes to teach classes.  We can go to community clubhouses, etc.  If you have a private in-home daycare you MUST let us know this prior to booking if you are a new client.  We must submit your information to our insurance to insure coverage.

Private Class

We provide some private blended classes for individuals looking to take a class when one is not offered to the public.  (However these are only offered when an instructor is available.)  All private classes are blended and ONLY taught at our Peoria location.  We do NOT travel to private houses for classes.  To see private class availability please use the Contact Us tab to inquire about a private class.

For any other questions please see our FAQ page.