Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you quit teaching traditional classes?

  • AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH INSTITUTE (ASHI) changed major parts of the curriculum’s for the 2015 update.  There are separate classes now for different CPR requirements and the classes cannot easily be taught as one large class.  Because we were having difficulty getting at least 5 students per class so we had to move over to blended classes for the majority of our public classes.
    • The new categories are:
      • CPR & AED – for fitness trainers or anyone wanting CPR
      • CPR, AED & First Aid – for anyone wanting CPR & Adult First Aid or anyone who deals with Adult Homecare, or needs it for an Adult work environment
      • Pediatric – for Child Care Employees, Teachers, Coaches, Foster Parents, After School Employees – includes CPR, AED & First Aid for Adult/Child/Infant
      • BLS – (formerly called CPRPro for Healthcare Employees or Professional Rescuers) for all Medical employees with licences or certifications working in Doctor’s offices/Hospitals/Surgery Centers, EMT’s, CNA’s, MA’s, RN’s, PAC’s, Speech Pathologists and students of these disciplines who will have hospital based clinicals.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • For Blended Classes: A picture ID and if you need them, reading glasses.

What should I wear to class?

  • Please dress comfortably, but be aware you will be kneeling on the ground in a group of people. Please avoid low cut shirts and pants, dresses or skirts.  This is a family friendly environment.

Do I have to stay the entire time to get my certification, or can I show up late?

  • You must be in class for its entirety to receive a Certification card. Anyone who shows up more than 5 minutes late may be turned away. Anyone later than 10 minutes will be required to reschedule and charged a $20.00 reschedule fee. (NO CALL NO SHOWS are not refunded. If you have an emergency or are running late PLEASE CONTACT US! We will make every attempt to work with you.)

Is there an Age limit?

  • We do not recommend CPR Classes for Children under 8 due to the materials covered. Children under 10 will receive a Certificate of completion, rather than a Certification card. Children 10-13 will receive either a Certificate of Completion or a Certification card, depending on their ability to perform the skills. (The instructor has final say on ANY certification being issued no matter what the age of the participant.)  For Scout troops or youth programs with children under 8 we can set up a safety class that teaches them how to call 911 and perform compressions without going into all the material covered in a class geared towards an older audience.

I don’t see the class I want on the calendar or on the day I need it, is it available?

  • All classes that are open to the public are shown in the class listing.  If it is not there, it is not available at this time.  If you need a class prior to one of our scheduled classes you can take a Private Class – which are offered based on instructor  and classroom availability.  The classes must be booked 48 hours in advance and you must send us an email using the Contact Us page to set one up. 
  • Private classes cost significantly more.  You are covering the cost of the instructor, the classroom rental, and the materials by yourself.  Public Group classes costs are lower because everyone contributes towards the instructor and classroom rental costs.

Can I just come in and register for class with the receptionist or can you register me over the phone?

  • No, we rent conference rooms for the times that we are using them.  We do not have an office at Office Evolutions in Peoria and their receptionist cannot take money for us.
  • We require upfront payment for all classes open to the public.  Classes must be booked and paid for using this website.

I lost my card, can I get a new one?

  • If it has not expired – yes.  If you were issued a digital card please use the Contact Us page and send us a message including your class date and we will resend a copy of your card via email.   (Please use the Student tools tab to look up your certification date.)

I have a current CPR card, can I take a blended course and skip the skills section to get my card or can I challenge the course?

  • NO.  For a blended class everyone MUST complete a skills section to have their current skill level evaluated by an instructor prior to getting a card.  Online only CPR is a scam.  DHS will not accept it for certifications (and will fine employers who allow it) and professional licensing boards do not accept it either.
  • We are not currently offering challenge or recert classes to the public.

My CPR Card expires prior to the next Recert Class or Challenge Class, can I take it anyways?  NO LONGER APPLICABLE – we do not currently offer this option.

  • NO.  This is an AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH INSTITUTE (ASHI) rule.  Your certification MUST be current past the day you take the Recert Class or the Challenge Class.   Even if it expires the day before we cannot let you into the class.
  • You must provide a copy of your current certification card to the training center to be allowed into the class.  Without a copy, we cannot let you into the class (we must have it for Audit purposes.)

Do you issue American Heart Approved cards?

  • No – we issue AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH INSTITUTE (ASHI) Certification Cards.  For more info on ASHI certification please see our blog entry “What is ASHI Certification?”

Why do I have to pay for a CPR Certification?  Why isn’t it free?

  • Believe it or not, we get this question frequently.
  • We are a business, with business expenses.  All of our instructors deserve (and expect) to be paid to teach, we must rent the classroom space we teach in, we are insured and have to pay for it, we have to replace gloves and airways used during classes, manikins wear out,  we have to purchase each program that we teach, we must purchase each certification card that is issued to each student and for blended classes we have to purchase online access for every student who takes it.  We work as diligently as we can to keep our costs down, however, we do have to charge for every certification we issue.

What type of CPR do I need?

  • It will depend on the type of facility you work at, what your job responsibilities are and possibly what your employer requires.  We have attempted to answer all of these questions in our blog entry “Certifications We Offer“?

I have an expired Living Social or AmazonLocal Deal – how do I redeem it?

  • All of our deals are expired, however the amount you paid for the original voucher is still valid.  You will need to email us for exact instructions on how to receive your discount.   We will apply your credit and only charge you the difference between what you already paid and what the class costs now.