Welcome to our CPR blog

Welcome to our new website.  Please be sure to look around.  Most questions about classes can be answered straight from our website, saving you the time and hassle of having to call in to our office.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes.

We teach CPR, AED and First Aid classes.  We are an ASHI training center, which means we issue ASHI certifications.  (We are not affiliated with American Heart or AHA).  We have classes open to the public at least 2 times a month, on varying evenings.  We offer certain classes in both traditional classes and blended classes in the group setting.  Traditional means the entire class is taken with an instructor leading it, and includes videos, lecture and a hands on skills session during the class time.  Blended classes means that the lecture and videos are taken online in a digital format with quizzes and activities during the online portion.  After successfully completing the online portion the student is required to meet with an instructor for the hands on skills session.  Certification will only be issued after the skills session is completed successfully.    Instructor schedule permitting, we also offer private one on one classes to the public.  These are always blended classes and the online portion must be taken before showing up for the skills session.  Pricing for all of our classes various from $30 per person on up depending on the class taken and whether it is a group class or a private class.  We do NOT teach at private homes.  This is due to safety and insurance reasons.  All prices are displayed next to the class on our main page.

We also teach classes to Companies, School Districts and Groups.  These classes are taught at the employers corporate location and require a minimum of 5 students per class.  We do offer discounted rates for Non-profits, churches and community groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Corporate classes can be booked right from our main page and do NOT require a pre-payment.  We also do not charge any additional travel fees for Maricopa or Pinal County.